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Sophia Timothy

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Sophia Paul Timothy is a enthralling Mumbaikar. Pursuing her career in field of Marketing in a reputed company, Sophia is doing well owing to her excellent knowledge of Online as well as Offline Marketing. On the personal front, Sophia is a highly motivated person and is extremely vi-brant and fun-loving. Her mind is always on the creative and innovative side. So-phia is joyfully abundant. She loves the world and the people. Interacting with people comes naturally to her. Always on the look to try different things, Sophia loves diversity. She has a distinct love for travelling and whenever she gets an opportunity she makes it to new places. Travelling to Sophia is an invigorating feeling and she loves exploring not just Mumbai but other places too. However, Sophia feels a connect with Mumbai which goes unexplained. Another thing that Sophia loves unravelling is Food. She is an absolute Foodie and absolutely adores cooking as well. She is always on the go to explore deli-cious food available at every nook and corner of Mumbai. While travelling, she tries to taste as much variety as possible and in her free time, she enjoys cook-ing new delicacies. Exploring new food, new places and experimenting with new meals while cooking is what Sophia relishes and is always keen to do. As much as Sophia loves variety, one thing that remains constant is her love for Mumbai. Her attempt at this blog is to let the world know about her love “Mum-bai” in every aspect possible. Sophia has been in Mumbai and spent happy years of her life since childhood in this exuberant city. For everything that Sophia has achieved, she owes largely to Mumbai. The liveliness of Mumbai has inspired Sophia to be intellectually and smartly passionate for life as a whole. The life in Mumbai, the “unity in diversity” that is prevalent in Mumbai and the never halt-ing life invokes the spirits of Sophia. Sophia considers being in Mumbai an achievement for the exhilarating life she is relishing is possible because of this city that has given her tremendous opportunities and above all taught her so much. This blog started by Sophia is dedicated in and out to her first love “Mumbai”.


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